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Martinez Headquarters Completed!

Martinez Headquarters Completed!

The Martinez brand originated in Germany in 1978. Alex Wang, a senior violin maker and an internationally renowned representative of China's own guitar brand was established in China in 2004 with Wolfgang Jellinghaus, the German founder of Martinez, and Kenny Hill, the world's master violin maker. Martinez Enterprise; now, Martinez has become the world's most influential classical guitar brand.

In the past 17 years, under the influence of world masters and colleagues in the industry, the Martinez team has upheld the spirit of diligence, rigorousness, courage to develop, and the pursuit of perfection. The Martinez brand has been reshaped and realized the leap-forward growth of the Martinez enterprise.

In 2019, the Martinez Guitar Classroom Project was founded and launched, aiming to open up a new situation for the development of classical guitar education together with guitar teachers across the country by establishing a Martinez teaching system, with the vision of improving the cultural literacy of Chinese youth, and jointly create a new situation for the development of classical guitar education.

Martinez actively participates in and supports classical guitar art festivals and competitions, promotes and influences the development of Chinese classical guitar culture by holding concerts, master classes, etc., and employs Thomas Kirchhoff, a world-renowned classical guitar player and educator, as the Martinez brand Ambassador, in 2017, Martinez reached strategic cooperation with the Iserlohn International Art Festival in Germany to build a bridge between Chinese and Western guitar music cultural exchanges.

Martinez has been committed to building a world-class modern guitar enterprise from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. The grand completion of Martinez's global manufacturing production base in 2021 is another qualitative leap for Martinez. Standing on a new journey and starting point and looking forward to the future, we will fully implement quality, innovation, and service upgrades.