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Martinez Musical Instruments

Martinez Musical Instruments

Martinez® is a brand of guitars under Guangdong Martinez Musical Instruments Culture Co., Ltd. We combine original design, intelligent manufacturing, sales, teaching joining and the dissemination of guitar music culture.


International Name: Martinez®
Chinese name: 玛丁尼

Industry: Musical instruments
Affiliated company: Guangdong Martinez Musical Instrument Culture Co., Ltd. 

Brand Introduction

Martinez® was founded by Alex Wang, Wolfgang Jellinghaus, and Kenny Hill to create a professional classical guitar brand.

In 2019, the Martinez Guitar Classroom was established, aiming to open up a new situation for the development of classical guitar together with teachers through the establishment of a Martinez teaching system and to improve the cultural literacy of Chinese teenagers.

The Martinez Technology and Art Center were established in the Greater Bay Area, which is a brand-new format that integrates modern guitar manufacturing art and guitar music culture. With the goal of creating guitar music digital education, it is committed to promoting the development of China's guitar culture industry.

Main Products
Classical guitar series, folk guitar series, professional performance guitar series, children's travel guitar series, and cross-border guitar series.

Business Scope
Guitar research and development of "smart" manufacturing and sales;
Guitar education and training;
Guitar music-related industries.

Customer groups
Music lovers, related professional colleges, and social training institutions.

Development path

  • In 1978, the brand studied and explored classical guitars and launched Martinez guitars.
  • In 2018, Martinez officially launched the Martinez Guitar Classroom Project,
  • In 2019, the Martinez Science and Education Center Guangqingyuan Headquarters Base project was launched, and Guangdong Martinez Musical Instrument Culture Co., Ltd. was established.
  • In 2021, the Martinez headquarters base was completed.

Brand Mission
To spread and promote classical guitar culture worldwide.

Business Positioning
Pure handmade + experiential modern guitar intelligent manufacturing and youth guitar music quality education.